Press Commentaries about Uwe Berkemer as a Conductor

(translated from german !)

Offenbach Post  (26 April 2002) :
  The musicians have only played together for three quarters of a year, yet they have achieved an extremely remarkable musical sound culture. We are referring to the World Chamber Orchestra, founded in Dietzenbach, the home town of its conductor, the composer and university lecturer Uwe Berkemer. During the performance in the Sprendlinger Bürgerhaus the young orchestra, consisting of 16 string players have already showen a superior quality ...  

TIFF / Kultur
  (25 April 2002) :
  ... All those expecting music of great feeling and elation at the concert of the World Chamber Orchestra in the auditorium of the Giessen University were not disappointed. The mostly young musicians performed works by Grieg, Mozart and Tschai-kowsky in a brilliant manner.

The young musicians from countries such as Germany, England, France, China, Georgia and Columbia played under their conductor Uwe Berkemer ...