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The solo repertoire of pianist Uwe Berkemer covers the most important works for piano from the times of baroque to the temporary music. Furthermore it includes numerous works in varying casts.

Works for two pianos  (Page 1/2)

Abdel-Rahim, Gamal : Rondo „Baladi“ (Arr. H. Nadim)
Bach, Johann Sebastian : Concerto C major BWV 1061

"Die Kunst der Fuge" (Selection)
Bolcom, William : Recuerdos, 3 Traditional Latin-American Dances
Brahms, Johannes :


Sonata F minor op. 34 b

Variations over a theme of Joseph Haydn op. 56 b
Debussy, Claude : En blanc et noir
Infante, Manuel : Danses Andalouses
Lutoslawski, Witold : Variations over a theme  of Paganini
Liszt, Franz : Réminiscences de Don Juan
Martin, Frank : Two Pieces, Overture and Foxtrot