Back The World Chamber Orchestra

Outstanding, mostly young musicians, who have already successfully performed on international stages, many of the award winners of international contests, united in 2001 to perform a new orchestra under the leadership of the German conductor, composer and pianist Uwe Berkemer.

The World Chamber Orchestra  not only has excellent soloists, but is also able to blend members from many different nations (Germany, Georgia, Columbia, Korea, Russia, the US and others) into an orchestra unit of unique coloring.

The orchestra consists of a fixed string group, to which players of wind instruments are added, depending on the repertoire.

In addition to cultivating a standard repertoire, there are several main emphasis’ in the work of the orchestra:

* Discovery of valuable rarities of orchestra literature

* Creating concert programs for children

* Realisation of “cross-over” projects

Besides that the members of the orchestra are also playing in varying chamber music formations.