General Information

The composer Berkemer was already influenced during his studies in Frankfurt by his teacher Heinz Werner Zimmermann, who was at that time – among others – a student of Wolfgang Fortner. In the 80’s Uwe Berkemer mainly concentrated on his carrier as pianist.

The great public and media resonance due to the first performance of his symphonic fairytale “Daniel zwischen den Sternen” (Daniel among the stars) was the beginning of an intensive phase of creative work. From 1998 – 2001 he composed the following: His sonata for violincello and piano (1998), his violin concert (2000), The Fantasy for String Orchestra (2001) as well as his symphonic fairytale
, der Königssohn(Ilankugha the son of the King, 2001).
Fantasy for String Orchestra

Since the 90’s Berkemer has produced a series of compositions in the crossover area. Under the pseudonym Steve Bermain he published a series of ballads, which were publicized  in 2004 in a selection of “Songs of Desire” for voice and string orchestra with piano accompaniment.